Triangle Bralette


Rediscover minimalist luxury with Calvin Klein's triangle bralettes

Unveil a new perspective on elegance with Calvin Klein’s triangle bralette collection. This redefines delicate sophistication, striking the perfect balance between stylish design and supportive comfort that perfectly flatters your natural shapes and curves.

The essence of Calvin Klein's refined minimalism radiates from each triangle bralette. Every piece fuses quiet elegance with practicality, ensuring an intimate wear experience that is as pleasantly comfortable as it is stylish.

Accentuating your natural silhouette

With a bralette in a triangle shape, you can feel good in anything you wear. Whether it's a form-fitting dress, a casual tee or an elegant blouse, the triangle bralette subtly enhances your shape, making any outfit feel and look better. And while our triangle bralettes can instantly level up your look, you’ll get so much beyond what meets the eye — it's that feeling when you feel incredible in your skin, confident with your choices and empowered by your elegance.

Our triangle bralette collection is not just about intimate wear; it's about uplifting your confidence, embodying self-expression and celebrating your individuality. At Calvin Klein, we believe in empowering you to feel confident, sexy and authentically yourself.

Feel your best, be your best

Superior comfort is a cornerstone of our triangle bralette collection, and we've poured our expertise and passion into meticulously engineering each triangle bralette to provide unparalleled support. Our aim is to ensure that you feel held and secure without any compromise on your freedom of movement. Every seam, stitch and strap is designed with your comfort in mind.

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Explore the triangle bralette collection and experience the unmistakable allure of Calvin Klein. If you're looking for something beyond bralettes in triangle shapes for your everyday needs, look no further. Our bralette collections cater to every preference, whether you're seeking the full-bodied support of our plus-sized bralettes, the functionality of racerback, the soft luxury of cotton or the smooth sophistication of seamless options.

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